You know, charities are a part of being an entertainer. I think it’s a matter of a person choosing the right charity for them and one that they feel good about.  I would like to see that it has been a pleasure to work with Concerts 4 A Cause.

John Anderson

Country Legend

I love music, but also a huge passion of mine is to help people, and to be able to bring the two of them together is an awesome thing and that’s what Concerts 4 A Cause does. I would totally encourage any artist to get involved with Concerts 4 A Cause, especially if you are out to make a change through your music. It’s such a great organization to do that and a great platform to get your music out there and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Damien Horne


I know they are big into military and big into supporting—that’s two for two for me right there. This whole operation runs very smooth.  I think it’s the coolest thing, it’s professionally done with great crews working on this.

Aaron Tippin

Country Legend

People want to see the people who do good for other people do good, and I think it’s paying it forward. If you are in this position and you don’t help, then you shouldn’t be where you are. With Concerts 4 A Cause, any artist should be involved in any way they can help.

Randy Houser


Concerts 4 A Cause…what I love about what they do is that it’s not one specific charity. So knowing that Concerts 4 A Cause gives back and helps military families…also, I know they do a lot of work with children’s hospitals and things like that—this makes it this much more special. We appreciate Concerts 4 A Cause giving us a chance to be a part of their events.


Legendary Country Band

Concerts 4 A Cause has such a correctly broad mission.  The freedom that comes from this kind of organization is enough to fire any artist up, because it could be something that happened in their hometown. Where are they going to go that’s got a template that’s already a successfully, historically proven thing that can raise money for a particular situation? That’s what exists here and it’s a beautiful thing—you can just plug it in to wherever there is a need.  Any artist would want that—ANY OF THEM!”

Gary Chapman



Concerts 4 A Cause, Inc.
105 S. Sherrin Ave.
Louisville, KY 40207

Email: josh@spinningplatesmgmt.com